I drove to Northern California this weekend, once again. It’s becoming a habit. My brother and his family are buying a home in Tracy, California, on the far east edges of the bay area sprawl. It’s a nice home in a nice neighborhood. The boys will have a park just a block away and plenty of kids their age to play with. Little Marco already broke the fountain in the backyard. Poor guy.

My cousin James, the US Marine, came up from Oceanside (Camp Pendleton) to join me in the drive north. He and I ate at Musha, the Japanese tapas restaurant in Santa Monica where Yuka’s best friend from college works. I ordered a peach iced tea, only to learn after a sip that it was an alcoholic beverage. It tasted a lot like cough syrup. It was a bizarre experience for me, as it’s been nearly a decade since I’ve had any alcohol.

Anyway, life is good. It’s a little over two weeks until I head to Japan! I’m getting a bit nervous about meeting to folks. We’ll see how it goes…and I’ll have plenty of pictures, for sure!

One thought on “Travel”

  1. Hard Peach Ice Tea huh? Seems like such a beverage would be labled as such.

    AND a trip to Japan?! I expect to see pictures of flying, zero-emission cars, and life-like robots! Seriously though, pick get a Playstaion6 if you get the chance. 😉

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