The Time Is Coming

Citizen watch

In just five short days, I will be getting on a plane and heading to Japan again. Trying to get mentally prepared for this trip keeps bringing me back to two years ago, when I was so new to California and my first “real” job. So much has changed in that time, and yet so many things are very much the same. Trying to finish my year-end letter and get it in the mail before I take off has had me in a reflective sort of mood, bringing up lots of gratitude and sadness. Unfortunately, it leaves me at a sort of loss for words that certainly isn’t helpful to my efforts to finish the letter! Oh well. If it happens, it happens.

My real reason for writing right now is to give everyone (all three of my readers) a head’s up that I should be blogging during my trip this time, if my phone and the Japanese phone carriers work together well. I can select an option with my cell company (T-Mobile) to be able to send email from my phone internationally, so I should be able to blog from my phone. For practice, I’m typing this post out as an email on my phone right now. So, if you’d like to keep tabs on my trip and see how things are going, just check back here between 25 December and 4 January.

Okay, going back to the year-end letter now. Happy Holidays!

(The picture is of a Christmas gift from Yuka – a replacement watch for the I lost in my motorcycle accident.)

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