Teaching English in Russia

I spoke with the man on the telephone this evening, and while the interview seemed to go well, he explained that he also has another candidate on the line. He said that he would be letting me know very soon, and that even if I’m not offered the chance this time he would strongly suggest that I apply again next year. We’ll see…

2 thoughts on “Teaching English in Russia”

  1. I hate to say it, but the lion on their coat of arms looks a little…gay.

    All the same, I wish you all kinds of luck.

    (Were you also pleasantly surprised by Lilya’s grading? and unsurprised by Madonick’s? F for Forrest, indeed…)

  2. that’s funny….they said your coat of arms was gay, too.

    thanks for the warm wishes, but I’m really strongly suspecting that he’s going to pull a “you should really, really apply next year” trick on me.

    I was quite happy with all of my instructors’ grades…though both of my names begin with C, and my nickname “micro” is M. How he comes up with “F–” for that is beyond me. maybe it stands for f*#@-up.

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