Fighting the Good Fight

Cat video with alternate Russian title. (Hat tip to the new roomie for finding this one.) The only type of video that with a stronger guarantee that I’ll watch than this is a cat video with an alternate Japanese title. (I’m looking at you, Maru-chan.)

I’m getting settled in at my new place pretty well; having a roommate can be a little helpful for dissuading me from bringing home a large pizza to eat on my own for dinner and quashing the late-night impulse decisions to go get a pint of Ben and Jerry’s before bed. It’s like having a live-in accountabilibuddy.

Last night a friend had some comp tickets to the Hollywood Bowl, so I went there for my first time ever (nice venue!) and saw the LA Philharmonic. Great times.

LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl

The Tree and the Cat

So I’m still waiting for my advisor’s comments on my thesis, but this evening I’ll be meeting up with my writing group to get some input from them. I’m looking forward to that. We’ve met almost a handful of times already, so it seems like we may actually keep this group going for a while! It’s a good thing, too, as I’m starting to get excited about the prospect of being done with my degree and getting into a habit of writing regularly without the pressure and deadlines.

Fab's Texas Dog
why my cholesterol is high...

Of course, if I’m going to have much success building writing into my regular routine, I may need to cut out things like my trip last night to Fab’s Hot Dogs. I ate a bacon chili cheese dog with onions and cheese, all wrapped up in a burrito, along with some tater tots. It was all quite tasty, but then this morning I couldn’t manage to force myself to get out of bed until about 8:30, which cut into my morning workout routine. I’ve been toying with the idea of enforcing a “no eating after 8pm” rule for myself, but I’m holding off on that just a bit longer.

Sorry for the phozzy photo

Speaking of good food, apparently yesterday was National Noodle Day, so I had the pleasure of celebrating with some coworkers at the Pho King Delicious restaurant just down the street. Sure, our actual reason for going was the celebration of a couple anniversaries, but we just happened to luck out and plan our trip for noodle day.

I’ll leave you with this video Colin shared with me. Ob eto ya nichevo ne hochu skazat.

Go Lakers!

So my coworker mentioned something about Jack Nicholson kicking in to make the Lakers’ parade in downtown LA today possible, and I could help but think of this part of Tim Burton’s Batman. For the record, I don’t believe there’s any value in comparing Nicholson to Ledger; as far as I’m concerned, each performance was masterful in its own right.