Sweet Youth

And here you are, so young and sweet
I wonder why we had to meet
Subtle passion gave rise to shame
But I submit and play this game

You probably did not intend
To take these means toward that end
I act on an urge indecent
But your time is much too recent

Close my eyes and seek assistance
Spiting my innate resistance
Still the darkness within my heart
Remember I cannot play part

I tell myself to wait for you
Save innocence to remain true
Can this approach avoid the grief?
Resulting from my role as thief

It will never, and this I know
Past endeavors will always show
Reserving only lost ideal
Lets me believe this trick is real

If I admit that it was wrong
To entertain these thoughts so long
My insane plans I must release
If I still hope to find some peace

My peace now found, we made a deal
Let us make love, this time for real
You’ll be yourself, and I’ll be mine
Stick with the flow of life, divine

This is more than I expected
When I was so misdirected
Bright blue skies may still bring pain,
But I can find some peace in rain

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