Sweet New Ride (part ii)

Bianchi Avenue

my landlord told me the other day about a bike that someone traded in, one that he said would probably be just about perfect for me. I checked it out, and he wasn’t lying. he put some sweet racing slicks on it and tuned it up, and now it’s ready to rock and roll. I’m excited. he made sure that I got a lock, too. . . and not just a U-lock, but also a cable for the U-lock to rope through. very nice.

in other news, I quit smoking. it was tuesday afternoon, and I was giving it some thought. I happened to be feeling the motivation at the time to go ahead and get started, so I packed up all of my paraphernalia and put it in a cigar box, sealed with a sticker, and gave it to my girlfriend for safe keeping. if I wanna start smoking again, I’ll have to clear it with her. I mean, I could always just bum them from friends or something, but that’s not the way I wanna go out. it feels awfully strange, suddenly being a non-smoker. I don’t think I’ll ever really consider myself a non-smoker, though. I’ve just stopped. that’s all. I’ll have another cigarette when my novel gets published :) or when my youngest kid graduates high school.

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