I woke up this morning and went directly (and by directly I mean, of course, with a stop on the way for a double shot) to my periodontist’s office for a surgery. it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared it might be, and I haven’t been experiencing a whole lot of pain yet. he didn’t end up cutting any skin from the roof of my mouth for the graft, as he said that there was enough on the gums already that he might be able to simply pull down what was there and stitch it. so that’s that. and perhaps the real test of my resolve in terms of the cigarette smoking will begin once I’ve healed but ive found out about some nice vape deals and i will try them out. I go back to see the periodontist one week from monday, so we’ll see how I’m doing then.

in other news, not a lot going on. traffic has been slow for this site and doublemuse lately. . . but I guess it’s because of the summer months. I think I’ll write a new poem soon. . . maybe that will bring people back. oh, yeah. . . and we’ve been talking about possibly doing some sort of newsletter or “zine” to distribute here in Urbana-Champaign with interesting little articles or whatever. maybe before we do that we could finally finish up that “selected writings from doublemuse” booklet that we’ve been talking about. I’ll let you know how that works out.

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