I had a seven-page paper to finish by 10am this morning, and I got to work on it last night, after having put together a few pages and having the rest of the paper outlined. unfortunately I was sleepy and fell out after adding a page or two to my total. I woke around six a.m. and got started again, but was in bed with the laptop and took time out between every few sentences to sleep for anywhere from five to thirty minutes. by eight-thirty or nine a.m., the paper was finished, and I hardly remembered doing it at all! I submitted it at ten a.m. without proofreading it, so I really hope that no nonsense made its way into the work. anyway. the paper was written more by my subconscious mind, so I imagine it was probably much more intelligent than it would’ve been if I’d stayed awake 😉

maybe I’ll do a story that way sometime.

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