Sleep Well, Kitty

Sleep Well, Kitty.

I’ve finished all of my finals, and now I get to wait for grades to come out. So I guess maybe it’s not time to sleep well, just yet. I’ll be sure to let you all know how I did.

I celebrated my twenty-fifth birthday last week by eating pizza with a handful of friends and then taking their money by way of the poker table. it reminded me that I’d wanted to write a story about a guy who plays poker with some friends and feels like a dick when he leaves with their money 😉

so now it’s officially winter break, and I feel as though I have just as little time as I had during the semester. what gives? I lifted weights with a friend the other night, and tonight was supposed to be the second night of it, but I bailed to finish writing my personal statement for grad school. I followed most of the suggestions from a friend who is a grad student in creative writing, so hopefully it’s fairly strong. I might even post it, along with some other things, on the website, assuming I find time over break.

on to the movie reviews: King Kong is out and kicking ass. by far the most impressive movie I’ve seen in the theater in a long time. it is packed with action and emotion. a definite must-see. Harry Potter was pretty good, too. probably the best of the harry potter movies so far, still struggling like all of the others to overcome the childishness and the fairly limited “good vs. evil” mentality. entertaining, though. and then there is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. it was pretty entertaining, as well, though it seemed to suffer from the same drawbacks as potter. on one hand, I can really enjoy movies like that for exactly what they are—children’s movies—but it’s disappointing when the filmmakers don’t incorporate a parallel dialogue/interpretations that adults can appreciate, in addition to the simplistic stuff for kids. depth? is that what they call that? haha. anyway, I also watched Capote and Good Night and Good Luck. both were very interesting, well-done, informative movies about real shit that happened in the US in recent history. good times.

I’ll probably post again next year 😉

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