In darkened woods, a young man stands
His best friend at his side
The boy is tall and strong
His dog a source of pride

He holds a rifle scope and his aim
A man across the stream
Squeeze the trigger, dog darts out
They do this as a team

The man in read falls to the ground
The dog runs through the water
Squeeze again and hear the clap
The boy is getting hotter

The cry of pain cuts through the trees
Just as the dog arrives
The boy screams out that “This is War,
And none of us survive!”

The dog growls at the dying man
Who musters one last breath
“nice dog, good boy,” he whispers
and fades out to his death

The boy approaches the lifeless body
And lets out such a cry
“How did this happen that my brother
would at my hands die?!”

He drops his gun down at his side
And kneels beside his brother
“I can’t believe what I have done,
I’m disgrace to our mother”

He takes his gun and kills the dog
Who lets out one last yelp
He sets his chin atop the barrel
Says “God can’t even help”

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