It wouldn’t be so hard to quit if you rolled your own! 😉

also, it’s a sad time for literature; Naguib Mahfouz died, leaving behind a great body of work. His novel Children of the Alley was a given to me by someone special some time ago, and I enjoyed it immensely. It was an epic tale, as Mahfouz’s life seems to have been, as well.

And one final comment: an Iranian woman who can afford a trip into space ought to be punched for being so morally negligent. Investing that much money in the well-being of her home nation would, without a doubt, save lots of lives and improve the quality of living for lots of people. Dubya might say that jamming democracy down the throats of Arabs will help to combat terrorism and prolification of WMDs, but I’m much more convinced that having access to meals and healthcare will calm folks down a little bit. I was gonna ramble on a lot more, but I should do some work.

4 thoughts on “Quitting”

  1. good point, but i’d like to point out that strictly speaking, most iranians are persian…. i think the word you were looking for was muslim, not arab.

  2. also, it’s funny that you mention democracy, because the first democratically elected iranian leader lead to the nationalization of iran’s oil, (bp) which led to our government sponsoring a coup there in the early fifties. good times.

  3. well, persian is the official language of the country, and a slight majority of the country (51%) is persian… and according to wikipedia, only about three percent of the population is arabic. (although i think that might be in the sense of the word referring to people whose genealogy can be traced back to the arabian peninsula or syrian desert.)

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