One Down, Three to Go

Purdue is out.

Out of their friggin’ minds for rejecting me! It’s not so bad, I suppose. they were only my number one school. No big deal. actually, they were technically number two, considering that the U of I is my favorite. among the three that I considered real possibilities, Purdue was my favorite. and that’s exactly why it makes a little bit of sense that I didn’t get in. the best schools would have the toughest admissions criteria…and my GPA really sucks.

so now it’s down to the U of I, ISU, and Antioch University LA. We’ll keep you posted.

Michigan was nice this weekend. it was the same town where my youth group took a couple of ski trips when I was ten or twelve. it was fun, though I had hoped to get a chance to ski while I was there. instead, I just had 8 raviolis for ten dollars.

One thought on “One Down, Three to Go”

  1. 8 raviolis for $10….not nearly as good as the 100 tacos for $100!….you went to Michigan this weekend?

    BTW, WTF with the tight security for posting comments on you blog?

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