3 thoughts on “Now we serving alcohol”

  1. yeah…it was simply “okay.” The deal seemed better than it really was-6 pieces and 1 handroll for $9.95…but by the time I had a soda and gave a tip, it was $15. Too pricey for lunch, in my book. The nice part was that every employee we passed on the way out said, “thanks, have a nice day.” Our waitress had been taking someone else’s order when we walked out, but she opened the door as we made our way down the sidewalk and yelled to us, “thanks! Have a nice day!”

  2. i think about 90% of the sushi i’ve had was free, compliments of yuuka. i had enjoyed it so much that i was willing to to pay way too much for it the first time i had it in a restaurant. it’s weird going from free sushi to expensive sushi.

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