Midwest Pride

This is from “Knuckle Tattoos,” passed along to me by Colinski. As I told him, I’m *sooo* getting this tattoo. If I can convince the fiancée, that is. I personally think it’d look better with the ear of corn on the left index finger, as opposed to the pinkie.

I’ve actually had a few good days working on my novel in recent weeks, the sort of writing sessions that I have to pry myself away from rather than force myself to stick with. Such a great feeling.

I’m also make very slow progress toward selling my motorcycle. If you know anyone who’s looking, pass them my way.

Yuka will be coming out here in early July, primarily to taunt me with her new Macbook. A few friends told me when I bought my Toshiba that I should’ve gone for a Mac. I’ve been skeptical, in part because of the prices, and in part because I really don’t like that smug bastard on the mac ads. Hell, maybe I could get real crazy and go with Linux. I’ll let you all know how that turns out.

6 thoughts on “Midwest Pride”

  1. Andrea has a friend with “LOSE/LOSE” tattooed on his knuckles, which is pretty much my favorite knuckle tattoo. I can see you with this one, though, Chris.

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