Looking for the Resurrection

I’m actually working on some writing today. God, how I miss it. I wish I would do a better job of managing my free time. And my money, for that matter. I rarely take advantage of the fact that it costs nothing to sit at home and write.

Anyway. The trip to Nicaragua was fantastic, if I haven’t said so already. The visit at home reminded me of the saying: fail to plan—plan to fail. I didn’t plan out my visit, so I didn’t get enough time with some folks and didn’t fully enjoy my time with others (because there wasn’t enough or because I was stressed about trying to fit others in). And I know there are a few that I didn’t even manage to see at all :( mea culpa! I will plan better in the future!

My aunt, uncle, and cousin visited yesterday. We ate at Pink’s famous hot dog stand, and then spent the rest of our time together trying to find the Griffith Observatory. It was closed by the time we arrived. Then it was getting late and they had to head back down to San Diego, so I drove them past my workplace on our way back to my place. It was a nice time, but I promised I would try to be a better tour guide in the future. We’ll see!

I also went with my friend for another Zen meditation with Brad Warner in Santa Monica. It was another fine experience, and I’ll definitely keep going back!

One thought on “Looking for the Resurrection”

  1. Pinks! I have lived in the LA area 24 of my 28 years, and have yet to find the willingness to wait in the enormous line that Pinks seems to have any time, day or night. I mean, no matter how good it might be, it is still a fucking hot dog… How was it? How was the wait?

    Thanks for tipping me off that Griffith Observatory is open now. It had been closed for remodeling so long I had assumed it still was.

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