My Latest Finished Story Is Posted!

here is the much awaited “music”! hurry and read it to let me know what you think; I will be submitting either this story or “under attack” to the undergraduate literary contest on wednesday. cast your votes before it’s too late!!

in other news, I’ve learned that, without a doubt, I will not be graduating until spring 2006. it’s a rip-off, but the university requires that my most recent thirty hours of study be in their classrooms, so I must enroll in the russian 201/202 next year, along with a couple of upper level rhet/lit courses. the good news is: I will probably only take russian in the spring. that would make a light load 🙂 anyway, as I’ve said before (perhaps not online, but I’ve said it; trust me!): I’m not in a big hurry to go anywhere; I’d just like to be done with school. if I only have to take one course in the spring of ’06, I guess that wouldn’t be too horrible. perhaps I could even take the rhet 455 both semesters, which would simply entail a whole year of independent writing, essentially. I wouldn’t argue with that.

finally, I secured permission to post some other pieces online that I’d promised I wouldn’t publish without said permission, so I’ll get those up soon and let you know. until then, keep on keepin’ on!

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