Keep Your Laws off My Body

Whose laws? I wonder
I’ll worry about that later

The more important issue, it seems
Is that of this composition of flesh
To whom does this body belong? I ask myself

The plans were written on strands of protein
It is not my concern, presently, by whom they were written
The materials were collected as other bodies perished
And my body was assembled by one much like my own
It continues to sustain its existence at the price of other lives

So, if I ask whose body that is, I ought to ask who we are
Who are we? Are we our thoughts? Our feelings? Our actions and our words?
What part of us is it that owns our bodies—bodies made of pieces that first belonged to other bodies, designed and assembled by no action of our own?

Maybe our bodies own us.
After all, so many of our decisions are made with its benefits being the decisive factors

(I walk up to the counter and set a piece of plastic there
If this is my body, why is it so goddamned expensive to destroy it?
She hands me two hundred sticks of cancer; I walk out)

Who is right about this?
Conservatives can go screw themselves, as far as I am concerned
And liberals each other, regardless of my concern
But are any of them (moron) more on-target than the others?
I have a hard time believing that

I think that it’s really difficult to be objective
Especially when dealing with other people
After all, our desires help to shape our perception of reality
Our bodies want us to believe that they are ours, and because we are so tied to them, it is hard to disagree
Once we believe that they are ours, they are in control, but control is an illusion

My friend broke up with his girlfriend and told me that he didn’t want to have sex with her anymore
They still fuck like rabbits

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