I’m Trading in My Scion…

or well, I’d strongly consider it if I could afford this. As JScrilla says, and I paraphrase, “it looks like a pretty sweet package!”

h/t to Brian for the link.

3 thoughts on “I’m Trading in My Scion…”

  1. you californians get all the cool stuff. I wonder how long it will take for a “midwest ready” supercar comes to market.

  2. I looked at the FAQ’s for that site, you cant even buy the car unless you are a CA resident. I think that the Aptera would be a great car for IL (other than snowy days). If you can put winter tires on it that would negate the issues of winter driving.

    And I was suprised to see that AC and heat are standard, both suck up a lot of juice.

    just my $.03 (inflation and all)


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