I Was Robbed!

I stopped off at an ATM this evening to get some money, and noticed that the balance displayed at the end of the transaction seemed low. When I made it home, I decided to sign on to the bank website to check things out. It was low—negative, in fact. As it turns out, I made an ATM withdrawal right outside the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas today. Hey wait, I wasn’t in Vegas today! AGH! I’ve been hacked! So I’ll have to go to the bank tomorrow and get this straightened out. A coworker had this same problem a little over a month ago. That’s lame.

3 thoughts on “I Was Robbed!”

  1. do they actually find the people who do this? or do they just give you back your money and go on about their days?

    cause i very rarely hear about people getting caught for doing the whole identity theft thing.

  2. Dude, that sucks! You didn’t buy gas with your debit card from Arco did you?

    And Dana, they catch the people who use the ATM machines to rip you off sometimes because of the cameras. And the other folks tend to get caught sometimes b/c they just keep stealing more and more. Eventually they do something stupid.

  3. I haven’t used my card at Arco since Johnny sent out his email…I almost always use only WaMu (my bank) ATMs. Coincidentally, I was thinking as I swiped my card last night, “I don’t know if I like this ATM…” It was an outside ATM that could’ve easily been tampered with for phishing purposes. I guess it was a little too late to be worried about that! Anyway, the bank says they’ll be refunding the money to my account in a few days and issue me a new card. So this should all go fairly smoothly, I hope…

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