I Couldn’t Resist…

I wanted to give a proper shout out to my brother, who hasn’t been able to blog since he bailed on Myspace a while back (for like the second or third time, at least). I hope he’ll post often; I have been suffering an acute shortage of exposure to his sense of humor since I moved to SoCal.

Not much else to say, I suppose. Well, except that my neighbor lady is annoying. The window in my bedroom is directly above our little patio, which is right next to the neighbor lady’s little patio. She brings her dog Thor out every morning, and his name fits him. He barks at every little sound, and each bark starts out as a low growl that rises to a deep, loud bark that must be some sort of compensation for his bite. I’m actually fascinated by my own reaction to when he’s outside, especially when I’m getting ready to leave the house. I experience equally strong opposing impulses to make noises and to make no sound at all. On one hand, my annoyance at his barking makes me want to taunt him by making sounds that he can’t investigate/explore, which will just make him bark that much more. On the other hand, I feel an intense pressure to try to go through my routine without setting him off, like I’m playing that game Operation and trying not to set off the buzzer while extracting my shirt from the closet. If it was just the dog, though, I might be more forgiving. But then there’s the old woman, who sounds like she has emphysema, which wouldn’t be surprising considering that when she brings Thor out for fresh air she sits outside with him and smokes. Her cigarette smoke floats right on up into my window. When he starts barking, she usually waits a good 5-10 seconds before wheezing, “THOR! *cough* Shut Up! *coughcough*”

Oh well. All part of renting, I suppose. Anyway, I’ll leave you with this stunning example of how sadistic some “adults” can be. Your role models, children.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. I hope to start blogging pretty frequently, now that I don’t have MySpace to waste time on.

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