How about An Online Degree?

I got my rejection letter from the U of I today. So the final hope, of course: Antioch University LA, the low-residency program. I was bouncing around the ‘net considering what life might be like if they say ‘no’ too, and I saw an ad for Phoenix Online. I went ahead and checked it out, and it looks like it wouldn’t be too tough to get signed up to earn a Master’s in Education—I would be able to teach in a community college or maybe a high school. I might give it some serious consideration.

I also did some work on an essay for a contest in The Nation. It’s not quite what I hope it will be, but it’s going to get better.

Finally, I was told that Publication Services might be hiring. Apparently the fact that I didn’t score well enough on the tests the first time through might be overlooked since they just had a handful of applicants who outright failed. Slowly but surely, my generation is whittling away at the standards set by our forebears. So I’m going to go in and give it a shot.

One thought on “How about An Online Degree?”

  1. Be very careful about Univ. of Phoenix. It doesn’t have a good reputation in academia, so I’d be wary of the ability to be competetive for teaching jobs with a degree from there: see these:

    “Last fall, the Department of Education handed out its largest fine ever — $9.8 million dollars to the Apollo Group and its University of Phoenix for admitting unqualified students to boost enrollment.”
    — from

    Also see:

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