Hey Hey

I just went through doublemuse.com and did some maintenance…fixing broken links and whatnot. be sure to go there and check it out!

also. . . I’ve finished another story. I will be revising it once (at least) before friday, and then we’ll workshop it in class next week. once I’ve done the revising after the workshop, it will be posted for all to read (along with the other two for which revisions are forthcoming). also, I mentioned on doublemuse, we are considering the idea of putting together a booklet of selected writings from doublemuse to sell from the website. at $5/per, it wouldn’t be too expensive for all you fans. . . and you’d have the pleasure of knowing that you’re supporting our habits—er. . . art!

anyway. . . life is life. it just keeps on living itself. hope it’s working out for you!

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