Happy New Year’s

at least that’s one that you can say to just about anyone….though I was a bit curious about some of the asian clientele at the cafe, because it seems like some countries also celebrate a different new year. that might just be china. I could research it, but I’m lazy and can always revert back to that good ol’ american attitude: “you’re in our country now, you’ll celebrate when we do, goddammer.”

anyway. . . seems like everything’s supposed to change for the new year. I guess I’m going to try to be a little more healthy this year. . . cutting McD’s out of my diet and perhaps exercising—taking bike rides before bed or something. and, of course, working on becoming more financially responsible 🙁 I’m also gonna go check out the unitarian-universalist church in urbana, if nothing else just to get plugged into another stimulating environment, and meet girls 😉 I’ve been convinced for quite some time that I need to meet a church-girl who isn’t Christian, so why not give it a shot?

finally: I still need to finish one more piece of writing to be posted on the website, which is actually related to that last thing I was talking about. trying to overcome the notion that in order to be on a spiritual path in this country, one must be Christian (or Jewish or Muslim). or at least that you need to be involved in some religion. I don’t know. I’m not speaking coherently now. usually I wait until I’m actually writing the essay to mutter unintelligibly.

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