He held in his hand
an old potential escape,
now unfamiliar.

She sits above me,
her hair is pulled back and tied,
and I am inside

This is so unsafe—
speedometer: seven, five
—to write as I drive.

Burning embers char
a picture unfamiliar,
lost now to the world.

Time may not erase
but love will surely hasten
loss of care for this.

Into pain we walk,
within we look for the way
through it, when we end.

When you part your thoughts,
my words creep into your mind—
take hold and distract.

Then, divide your time;
charm and humor to disarm—
enchant and excite.

Slowly part your lips,
breathe in to drink the poison,
longing to transcend.

she speaks uniquely
pursed lips whisper pleasing words
I am falling for

moon hangs in the sky
perfect half reflects the sun
night sky filled with stars

why do I waste time
wondering about her life
that she cannot share

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