Further Rejection

I got a letter from ISU today. it was a small envelope, so I didn’t even really need to look inside to know what it said. this means that I will not be leaving CU for school in the fall. I will either enroll at the U of I (they haven’t responded…it might be a good sign?) or at Antioch University, the low-residency program (few weeks a year, at most…in sunny Cali), or I will be remanded to finding a job to pay for my student loans. I would probably strongly consider driving a semi. the downside to Antioch is that I would not have the option of teacher’s assistantship, and I would have to find a straight job to work…hopefully some 9-5 gig or something. the good news is that they offer the option of sticking around after the MFA to pursue a Master’s in Education so that a person can teach Creative Writing at the college level. I will probably hear from those two schools in the next week or two.

I also received in the mail my Passport. so if I up and disappear, that’s why.

I filled out an application at the Outback Steakhouse today to become a server. the tips would be better than I make bussing at the ribeye, and probably more than I make at espresso, as well. I knew a guy who worked there, and his boss called him up to check on me. they were all set to hire me until they got the results back for my psychological profile (no joke). I can only surmise that I am too sane to work there, because my ex-girlfriend works there, and anyone who knows her can tell you that she isn’t sane enough to take a personality test, let alone pass it ;) but seriously, wtf? I’m amazed. apparently the Universe is conspiring to push me somewhere. it’s just a matter of figuring out where that would be…

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