Five Months…

…until I graduate. no foreseeable snags…so long as I can scrape by with a c- in two classes this semester, I will have a bachelor’s degree in may. alright!

I sent off my applications to grad school on friday. I had already completed the application for the u of i, but everyone here assured me a number of times that my chances of getting in were just about non-existent. so I also applied to purdue, illinois state, and antioch university in LA. the last one offers some sort of correspondence degree. this means I wouldn’t be getting a teaching assistantship, presumably, but they do offer the opportunity to stick around after the MFA to get a Master’s in education to teach at the college level. anyway, everybody send some positive vibes out to encourage the universe to allow me to pursue these opportunities.

finally, I posted another poem, so go enjoy it. I’ve been spending most of my time loading my backup files onto the new laptop, but I think I’m about as far as I’m going to go with that. so now I can take advantage of the remaining few days prior to the semester’s onset to get some writing done! look forward to a bunch of new stuff!

One thought on “Five Months…”

  1. i like that poem, is that something that really happend to you? I remember a lot of childhood injuries, once a bike fell on me a chipped a tooth, i’ve had a false tip ever since.

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