Earthquake Today

The building started shaking pretty good just a few minutes ago, and it lasted well over 20 seconds. After 15 seconds or so, I started wondering how long it would last. I started considering getting in a “triangle of life” position. It gradually subsided. The epicenter was over 50 miles away, and the magnitude 5.6; that was an interesting experience.

UPDATE: It was actually 5.8 magnitude, closer to Chino Hills.

UPDATE 2: LA Times has it at 5.4 magnitude.

4 thoughts on “Earthquake Today”

  1. i was curious about the triangle of life and tried to do some googling. I was hoping to find a picture of the position.

    I found the website of the people that heavily promote it:

    I also found an article on snopes that puts some doubt on the triangle:

    the only image of the “triangle of life” found was this one:

    looks fun, but I dont think it would keep you safe.

    if you can find any solid description and pictures of the position let me know.

  2. no luck with pictures of the triangle position. I did have “moderate safesearch” on in the google images search, so I probably missed some pretty interesting photos. I’m still at work, so that’s probably okay!

  3. Earthquakes are no joke out there. I remember the one we had a few months ago barely woke me up, and I didn’t even realize it was an earthquake until you texted me the next day.

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