I am in the final hours of my first quarter-century! I’m about to enter my prime! right?

haha. anyway. it’s kind of a big deal 😉 it’s also finals week and I’m wrapping up the semester and preparing for the final semester of my undergraduate experience! awesome. I’m working on applications to grad school (still). I guess part of it is just that I need the cash to pay the application fees! but I also have to finish writing the personal statement. ughh. I can’t help but feel like it’s a bunch of crap, the thing I’m writing. oh well. I guess it’s more important what the admissions folks think of it. more news on that as it develops!

have a great winter break! and check back often for (more) changes, like more poems etc. and click on some of these links to sponsors such as amazon.com and google! I figured it would make my site look more official 😉

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