Burn This Blog…

Yesterday I learned that this Feedburner site can track various information about a blog, such as who’s reading the blog and how they’re reading it. I thought it’d be fun to try out, as a supplement to the Webalyzer provided by CULocalBiz, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster tools that I already use to find out how unpopular I am. So, if you’re not already subscribed to this blog, click the new link over on my sidebar (above the “These Folks Aren’t So Bad” list), and take it for a spin.

Incidentally, I’m not quite sure yet how feedburner is going to affect those who already subscribe to this blog, as the old feed url has been changed to a new feed url. If you’re reading this entry, it would seem that everything’s working out just fine. If you’re not reading this, why am I talking to you?

Oh, and I got an A in one of my classes. So far my graduate GPA is 4.0, but that could change in the next 24 hours when my other grade is posted. Keep your fingers crossed, knock on wood, or do whatever else it is that they do for luck in your heathen superstition of preference.

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