As My Co-worker Has Pointed Out, I’m Such a Blonde…

But I just didn’t think Canada was such a threat that we shouldn’t be able to go in or out without a passport…

On related note, I won’t be leaving LA until tomorrow morning.
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3 thoughts on “As My Co-worker Has Pointed Out, I’m Such a Blonde…”

  1. i don’t think it’s the canadians who are the perceived threat…
    plus, if you’re planning on spending american dollars up there, you’re gonna need a wheelbarrow.

  2. Yeah, the per diem recommended by the people who recommend those sorts of things was much higher than the typical amount allotted here in the US. Of course, I’ll be giving a lot back, considering that I spent a majority of my time in airports. But I’m not going to get into that right now…let’s just say that I need to seriously re-evaluate my travel habits.

  3. yeah, i think most people in our family do. how many missed flights have me, you, yukka and mom racked up in the past couple of months alone?

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