An Early Grave

This blog is gonna kill me (h/t JasonBoom). I’m still not sure whether it would be better to die blogging or the way I did in my dream last night. I dreamed I was in a public building with other people, when suddenly we heard the loud crash of a missile landing off in the distance. A mushroom cloud sprang up immediately, followed by shouts and screams of people in the room with me. We had mere seconds to watch the explosion roar toward us as the terror overwhelmed us. I crouched down with my hands over my head as the shockwave approached, and I felt a deep disappointment that I hadn’t had a chance to bring closure to all the various aspects of my life. I expected incredible pain, but instead felt nothing. I looked up to discover that I had nothing to look up with; my body and everything around me was replaced by white, more like a blank sheet of paper than light. Then I woke up.

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