I dreamt last night of kissing you
Taste so right and feel so true
Waking I know what to do
And I cannot be with you

Why do I long to see you smile
And cast me off into exile
Why my soul I will defile
Just to see if you might smile

I want you to think I’m right
So you will hate or try to fight
To my disdain you must requite
Or I may start to think I’m right

How does life progress this way?
So many things I cannot say
Carried on into each day
Will I ever find my way?

Can I know that which I seek?
With our faces cheek to cheek
Close to you life is so bleak
Myself is whom I really seek

But still through you I search for peace
Pain through passion will not cease
If my grasp I can release
Perhaps I will not need a piece

Are you the one I want to know?
Or is this but a time to grow?
Supposing only time will show
It is my God I need to know

Hair of red and eyes so green
Maybe you will keep me clean
But then I will not be serene
On the other side of green

Take some notice if you please
And feed in to my disease
This new lesson will be a breeze
If I learn I cannot please

One more defect I can relate
When I do not isolate
Loneliness is not our fate
In our sickness we relate

When we at our own cost die
Forget the rest we now must try
If only you could make me cry
I would have no need to die

Your dark hair and big brown eyes
Will always carry my demise
How can I live with all the lies?
As no truth will realize

But one time I call for you
Maybe should have gone for two
Hair of blond and eyes so blue
I don’t think I can know you

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