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Dear Chris,

Across the country, events, activities and conversations around HBO’s ADDICTION are continuing. Because of your ongoing commitment and involvement, public understanding of addiction — and the hope and reality of long-term recovery — is growing.

You can still watch HBO’s ADDICTION online and on DVD. The entire 14-part series is available for free viewing at, and the DVD set is reasonably priced. Click here for details.

Many groups are holding public events with community leaders, elected officials and citizens. Recent events include a Town Hall meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, a statewide meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, and legislative briefings in Sacramento, California.

We urge you to organize an event in your own community:

·              Need ideas? View past and upcoming events in other communities.

·              Ready to start organizing? Download the planning guide and audience materials, and list your event on our website.

We’re glad so many people are continuing to talk with their families, friends, and neighbors!

Our outreach project runs through September, National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. We encourage you to find out more about Recovery Month activities in your community, and to continue using HBO’s Addiction to get the word out about the hope and reality of long-term recovery from addiction. 


The Outreach Partners
CADCA, Faces & Voices of Recovery and Join Together




Prevention, Treatment
& Recovery Outreach Partners



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