40 Lessons in 40 Years: Entry 14

If your campaign slogan is too ridiculous to get you elected, the student council will still create a position for you.

I served as treasurer for my junior high school student council during the 6th grade. As far as I can recall, the only money I ever handled as treasurer was the change I handed back when selling people popcorn in our refreshments area at the school’s basketball games.

When campaigning for a spot as VP on the student council for my 7th grade year, I used the campaign slogan “Vote for Experience!” After all, I had been on the student council for a full year! My opponent in the race, an 8th-grader named Katie, had been on student council for two years… but whatever. Maybe that’s why I lost–people followed the guidance offered in my campaign slogan?

In any case, I wasn’t the VP of the student council in the 7th grade, but the teachers who oversaw the student council made a spot for me anyway: club historian. I didn’t have to know anything about the history of the school or the student council, I just had to make sure we took pictures at all of our events. I guess we probably did?

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