40 Lessons in 40 Years: Entry 10

Productivity tools are great for procrastination.

I’ve got a bunch of wicked smaht siblings, but I was always “the smart one” because I got good grades at school. At the time, personal computers were becoming more popular, and all the adults were saying things like, “you need to have him do something in computers.

Grandma took me to a computer resale store in Champaign to make sure she had my “expertise” (youth) in choosing a computer, one that I would be able to come over to her house to use for developing my computer hacking skills.

The Mac II C that we bought had a few games on it, like Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? and some dumb lemon stand game.

I got a good early start on my procrastination career by 1990 or so. I’m still trying to get caught up.

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