Word of the Vagabond poem
Be seeing you along the road

I got a call this week from one of the schools where I applied to teach a composition course online, and I’ve done two phone interviews with them already. My impression is that the interviews went fairly well, so I may end up getting a chance to teach an online course starting in the next month or two. Very cool.

Aside from that, I’m still getting used to not having Mom around. The attached picture is a poem that was among her work things we got from her office. It’s a nice thought.


Exhibit 1Mom had lots of things in her house. As she worked her way down from a home filled with six kids to one with no children whatsoever—a process that took about 30 years, mind you—more and more “stuff” began to accumulate. Especially when she was down to one child, her impulses to stop at garage sales and antique shops had apparently grown in strength to the point that they were pretty much entirely irresistible. Continue reading “Stuff”