Holy Trinity

I have arrived at a conception of a “Holy Trinity” that works with my non-Christian belief system. The trinity is traditionally made up of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In my understanding, the Father would correspond with what Emerson called the “Universal Soul” (or “OverSoul”), the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts—space and time, the Universe. The Son, instead of Jesus, is that individual representation for each of us of our ideal selves, excellence actualized, a potential to which we strive. I believe that Jesus wanted his message to be that we are all children of the Father, we are all parts of the Universe as a whole. Each individual consciousness is that “Son” part of the trinity. Finally, the Holy Spirit is that benevolent force that helps us to realize our full potential, by way of the little coincidences that bring us extra help and growth on the inside that gives us strength to become what we ought to become. When we exercise sincerity in calling the Holy Spirit to our aid, and our goals are in line with God’s will (loving and caring, and greater than ourselves; not simple self-service), then the Holy Spirit will fill us like wind in a sail and carry us until we change course.