those are the pictures that I managed to capture at the World Service Offices during our tour today before my phone died. I carried my girlfriend’s camera around all day yesterday and only snapped a few photos, but thoughtfully forgot it when we went on the tour and looked at all of the interesting artifacts on the walls and in display cases. nevertheless, it was fun, and we had some good mexican food. I managed to take a couple other pictures, but I won’t be posting any that include feature people’s faces, as that wouldn’t quite be fair.

It has been a moving experience to have direct contact with folks from around the world who have had the opportunity to hear the message of recovery—that no addict, no matter where in the world, need ever die from the horrors of active addiction. I have had the privilege of meeting people from all around South and Central America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Australia and New Zealand, and those Scandinavian nations we all love so much. South Africa has sent a delegate, and I believe we will be voting to extend a permanent seat as a conference participant to them, and to Western Russia as well. Iran and a few other countries were unable to send their representatives due to passport issues. As the delegate from LoneStar Region said, “nuclear weapons are not conducive to international travel.”

I had the privilege of eating lunch alone with the delegate from Western Russian, without an interpreter. It was challenging and rewarding.

I was encouraged by the Chair of the World Board to consider applying for a position as a Staff Writer at the World Service Office. Wouldn’t that be something?

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