What the Hell Happened Here?

Colin and I spotted a banged-up truck on Parthenia somewhere between DeSoto and Winnetka and snapped this photo on the way back to the office. From both directions (to lunch and back, that is), the appearance of the damage made it seem as though it must have been inflicted from above. I’m sure there’s some rational explanation for it, but I prefer to think a small UFO made a not-so-soft landing in the truck’s bed.

2 thoughts on “What the Hell Happened Here?”

  1. Perhaps it was struck from the side, compromising the trucks frame, which resulted in the back of the truck slumping down and giving the impression that the force had come from above the truck.

  2. I think there was probably a parade outside this person’s house. A Shriner, who had imbibed too much go-juice, swerved out of control slamming into the tire. The impact probably did more than shake his tassle.

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