We Walk in the Rain

Step, I am on the steps
hovering, lingering, hesitating
I peer out before me

Step, I am in the rain
crouching, bracing, stepping swiftly
I feel the cold water rolling from my hair to my face and neck and down

Step, I am all wet
sopping, soaking, acclimating
I loosen my shoulders and break my stride

Step, I am beginning to know the water
chuckling, giggling, smiling at the clouds overhead
I hold my arms out and welcome the falling bliss

Step, I am alive
breathing, running, heart racing in my chest
I pull off my coat and toss it away

Step, I am running
begging, pleading, tripping in the puddles
I slow my pace and stop, standing in the rising water

Step, I drop to my knees
shivering, shaking, crying
I pray for the water to overtake me

Step, I slowly rise
remembering, regretting, beginning to understand
I pull off my shirt and use it to wipe my face

Step, I walk tall
atoning, reconciling, giving in
I look ahead to my destination

Step, I watch my feet
Stepping, moving, making progress
I put wet hands into wet pockets

Step, I look back up
nodding, listening, seeing the world around me
I see one who waits for me

Step, I am on the steps
smiling, reaching, extending my hand
I pull gently on my companion’s hand and look back to the falling rain

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