I’ve written a nice uplifting poem for the occasion. you can read it here.

also, had a nice talk this morning that reminded me of the possibility of travelling to russia to teach english once I finish my bachelor’s degree. I’m looking around online for info about that.

UPDATE: I looked around online, and for some reason it appears that all of the programs you can sign up for are programs where one *pays* to go teach. what’s up with that? can’t I go teach and get paid?!? (END UPDATE)

it’s early to tell what I’ll actually end up doing–I’ve also considered the idea of grabbing a teacher’s certificate when I finish the bachelor’s to do some 8-4 M-F stuff for a while, or perhaps just continue working in a cafe—possibly managing one—and working on my writing. who knows. I’d like to get the sort of job where I could return to some sort of normal sleeping schedule. I mean…my sleep schedule right now is “regular” in that I nap EVERYday and consistently stay up too late (never with any good reason), but I think I might enjoy going to bed at a decent hour every day and getting up at a reasonable hour, as well. no rush.

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