I got an email from CSUN yesterday, and apparently my diploma is on its way. Yay!

The unfortunate news is that the teaching position I heard about less than a week after finishing my degree has vanished. Apparently they have decided not to offer the composition course for the term that starts next week, which is both a disappointment and a relief. After all, I’ve only just finished my degree, so the prospect of turning around and immediately jumping into a new endeavor had felt a little overwhelming. But then, my excitement about learning to be a teacher had really begun to eclipse my sense of being overwhelmed. Ah, well; perhaps I’ll have another opportunity later.

In the meantime, I think I’ll just try to channel my energy into: writing new material that I can share with my awesome writing group; continuing to gradually improve my diet; and trying to be more active, including possibly getting to work via a bicycle/mass transit combo a couple times a week. Kinda sounds like a bunch of New Year’s resolutions… blech.

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