The Happening

I really want to see this. Also, the Incredible Hulk. Both come out this weekend. Can’t wait. For now, though, I’m watching Batman Begins on FX. Good stuff. Aside, of course, from the fact that the volume level for commercials is always so much higher than the feature. Oh well.

Not a lot going on lately. If you haven’t noticed, I recently got started with Twitter. I’ve heard it called a sort of microblogging…and while I don’t update it frequently, somehow using it seems to be eating into my already questionable levels of motivation to update this blog. Don’t worry though; I won’t be shutting this blog down anytime soon.

I’m looking forward to Yuka’s visit in a couple of weeks. Another friend of ours from Chicago will be visiting around the time she arrives, so we’re hoping to get together, perhaps to visit the Griffith Observatory. Of course, Hancock will be coming out around that time, so maybe we’ll have to check that out too.

This past weekend, I actually opened up the document that will eventually become my first completed novel, Never Enough. It’s pretty amazing how a period of time away from a piece of writing can change my perspective on it. Of course, if I keep going back to the beginning and revising the existing text, I’ll never finish it. That’s why I’m going to just try my damndest to add new material each time I open it up. Starting next time 😉

I posted my Racism essay on my Myspace blog only to have someone repost the ignorant rant from the beginning as a Myspace bulletin. Apparently the re-poster didn’t agree with my explanations of the flawed arguments…or didn’t understand them. Either way, it’s sad evidence that some people cling to tightly to their ignorance. How sad.

Speaking of clinging to ignorance, Sam Harris seems to think that religious folks are doing just that by maintaining religious beliefs of any sort. His book The End of Faith can be read online. He’s definitely a convincing writer. Enjoy.

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