Tell Congress to stand firm on Iraq


The president just vetoed a plan that would bring our troops home from Iraq this year.

There’s a huge amount of pressure right now on Democrats in Congress to compromise and give the president what he wants. We need to make sure Congress stands firm on a deadline to end the war–instead of sending another blank check.

Can you help out by signing the petition at the link below? It’ll only take a second.



2 thoughts on “Tell Congress to stand firm on Iraq”

  1. as you know, i’ve been against the war all along, but i’m wondering now if up and leaving is a good idea. it seems like at this point we have a responsibility to try and clean up the situation we’ve created, although i admit it’s quite a mess.

  2. The same suspicion crept into my thinking about Iraq at some point in the last year, and I wondered if we owed it to Iraq, the region, and the world to stay and clean the place up. But when I thought more about that, I had to ask myself whether or not I realistically think that it’s possible for us to do that. I believe there is a good chance that a great deal of the mess will be impossible to clean up until we are gone. Even if we were capable of establishing an Iraqi government that wasn’t corrupt, the folks who will seize power by force when we’re gone simply have to wait until we’re gone and then overthrow that government. But we’re too busy installing corruption and sham democracy, and the insurgents aren’t waiting until we leave, they’re continuing to surge while we’re there. We created a vacuum when we took Saddam out, and put ourselves in his place. Something that he did better than we’re doing is keep people in check. These radicals and extremists all know that when we leave, there’s going to be a chance to take over. That’s not going to change in six months or six years. The only way it could change is if we were able to put in a government that was not only capable of keeping the peace, but was also capable of creating and maintaining a sense of cohesion among the people of Iraq. I don’t think we’re capable of that, now or ever. Yeah, we made a huge mess. But at some point we’ll have to admit that we can’t put all the pickle juice back into the shattered pickle jar.

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