well, I did it. I sent “The Hunger” to the The New Yorker for publication. now let’s see if I even hear back from them. I felt obligated to at least give submission a shot because of recent praise from my mom and grandmother, who both seemed incredulous that I hadn’t yet been published. very complimentary, those two. I’ll be sure to let you all know if my submission results in sudden fame and success.

in other news, I recently saw Hotel Rwanda. I think that it should really be mandatory viewing for all Americans. we really do take for granted the freedom and security allotted to us by oppressive foreign policy and corporate-sponsored nationalism (or is it nationalism-fueled corporate exploitation of the third-world?) and fail miserably to take notice of the suffering in the rest of the world. and I don’t mean to imply that US foreign policy was in any way responsible for the crisis in Rwanda (though it’s not unimaginable that it could’ve somehow played a part, I simply haven’t researched the history well enough to say one way or the other), but I just am pointing out that it is only when the rest of the world brings suffering to our doorstep (9/11) or where we see the opportunities to take advantage of instability for capitalist gain (Iraq) that the American public takes notice of international issues and expresses concern. and the concern that we do express about what happens in the rest of the world seems to be, without exception, inspired by self-interest. ughh. it’s really disgusting.

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  1. The only cheese named for America, those little indivually wrapped slices, is not not cheese at all, but rather a processed mixture of oil and water. What does that say about America? (It’s not naturally yellow either, an artifical die is added)

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