Apple creeps me out.

I might be looking over my shoulder for the next couple of days. See, I just installed iTunes® on my work computer because I was curious to see how it compares to Windoze Media Player®. I’d only experienced very limited exposure to iTunes in the past, and didn’t expect much user-friendliness. I was accustomed to the Media Player interface, so I didn’t want to learn something different. Well, I’ve actually been somewhat satisfied with my iTunes experience, so far. (I haven’t tried to sync my non-iPod mp3 player with it yet, so we’ll see what happens when I go there.) Once iTunes loaded all 18,178 songs (89.9 days, 104.04 GB) from our network drive into its library, I decided that I’d prevent myself from becoming bored with hearing the same music all the time by playing all of that music on shuffle. It should take me three months to hear a song twice, if I work 24/7. If I hear something that I really just don’t like, I can delete it from my library without removing it from the network drive (same feature was available in WMP). Good times.

After two or three days of this random music, I’ve been enjoying it. I hear a little bit of weird stuff every now and again that I otherwise wouldn’t listen to (currently: Bop ’til You Drop by the Ramones), but I enjoy most of it. This afternoon, between songs, I could vaguely hear music from the office across the hallway…sounded like “I can see clearly now the rain is gone…” Then, my iTunes cues up the next song, “I Can See Clearly Now.” I looked across the hallway. Was that song just playing? I asked my neighbor, I’ll call him Tom, what song was playing. He confirmed. Then the ground beneath us began to rumble, and the sky parted…

Well, not really. It was just weird. That’s all. Random synchronicity and quantum mechanics are fun.

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