Story Time

I finished a new story, entitled “Music.” I had nearly forgotten how good it feels to finish one! and I met with my instructor, who had some good feedback for me, and I’m really liking how it’s going. I did a revision and will submit it to class on monday, for workshopping on THE BEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR: Groundhog’s Day!!

what’s more: beginning at 8pm PST, an auction of my own creation will be posted on ebay. the item? “Have Your Story Written for You” it’s for people who have a story to tell and don’t trust themselves to write it. it will be auction item #5953340111, but you can’t go look at it until it begins. 8pm PST would be like…..uh….3:12 in American time? maybe not. I can’t remember the conversion formula….something like times 9 divided by 5 plus thirty-two? anyway…hopefully it will get as much publicity as that guy who sold things on his forehead. then I’ll be filthy rich 🙂

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