Steps into Life

Admit that you’re human, that life can feel like it’s too much.
I’m just a regular guy. Sometimes I don’t feel like being around people.

Realize that others struggle, too, and might be able to help.
You seem to understand where I’m coming from. Maybe you could give me some pointers.

Commit to being a part of life instead of just surviving.
I know I’m not always going to feel like it, but I’ll take your suggestions anyway.

Take a good, hard look at yourself. Don’t be scared.
The truth is, I would rather masturbate than get to know someone new.

Tell the truth about who you really are.
I’m lazy, arrogant, and only care about myself. Or I’m just scared you might not like me.

Imagine yourself as you would like to be.
If I start acting like a friend, maybe we’ll get along. Maybe we’ll even like each other.

Ask for help.
I’m not sure how to do this. Don’t give up on me. Let me know if I make a mistake.

Think about people you haven’t treated well, and be ready to make things right.
Maybe I shouldn’t have blown you off the other day. I’ll make it up to you.

Make things right.
Let me take you for Chinese food, and we’ll talk it over.

Ask yourself regularly if you’re doing your best. If you fall short, fix it.
I didn’t answer the phone because I was watching TV. Maybe I can turn it off for a minute and call you back.

Stay in touch with why you’re doing this.
Life is short, and precious. Let’s use our time to give each other comfort and support.

At this point, you’re ready to help others do what you’ve done.
Admit that you’re human, and that life can feel like it’s too much.

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