Thoughts and feelings are all I have
To tell me I am really here
But these are tainted, so it seems
They bring me often doubt and fear
Living seems to be a burden
Even when my conscience is clear

I cannot know, only believe
Anything that is beyond me
If then a peace I hope to find
I must first find a harmony
For a grasp on truest nature
Can be a peek at eternity

Forever are the time and space
The matter and energy, too
I touch all things and all things me
And so I am a part of you
Without beginning, with no end
From whence I came I return to

For having never left that place
I need not worry about return
Existence ought to be enough
Though I think there is more to earn
All we have is given, taken
We are the fuel we think we burn

And so it is that I will live
With illusion as my eyepiece
I have no other means to see
Until this consciousness will cease
I think that I am so alone
But I will find eternal peace

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