What the hell, this can’t be right;
This peace I surely cannot feel.
Serenity does not seem real,
But keeps me, still, through the night.

When I forget that old lie,
The cold, dark fear that holds my heart,
Let go, surrender, that’s the start.
I feel; I know; what means why.

I feel love, but still I fight.
It’s tough to make that choice to heal,
When simple life seems so surreal,
I find ways to blur my sight.

I will try to hold this light
A glimmer of the waning truth
Find harmony now in my youth
And set my soul free in flight

If my eyes close to the light,
I find that I don’t want to deal
With you, or me, and I will steal
Our love will become so slight.

I probably ought to cry
About the way we had to part.
But I have made reserve an art
In spite of us, my eyes are dry.

Punish me with all your spite;
It’s not my fate that you will seal.
I don’t use you as means to feel
I know today, that’s not right

I have learned that I must try
To find that peace within my heart
I knew before this ache did start
I do not have to live this lie

I forsake this gift of sight
Because illusion seems so real
I tell myself that I can deal
I think I do not need the light

It is all so good, today
I found this way that I impart,
Make the best of science and art
Find some truth in all I say

I now have no need to fight
Though truth and time seem to reveal
All that I will try to conceal.
Still this life will be so bright.

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